A Seven Summiteer

Only a handful of people in the UK have completed the mammoth Seven Summits challenge – to climb the highest mountain on every continent. Nick Hollis shares the lessons and techniques he’s picked up on his expeditions and from managing extreme survival situations, to inspire other people to push their limits and achieve their own goals. Witnessing success and failure in abundance on the mountainside, his experience working with teams of all different nationalities, skill sets and ambitions have enabled him to fulfill his ambition of completing The Seven Summits and running his own adventure company.

“Nick is proof that tenacity and positivity can break down all barriers, and one of the few people who can genuinely link the lessons and challenges of big expeditions with the drives of people in high-powered business environments.”

BBC’s Steve Backshall

Lessons from the mountains

Stay alive, stay friends, summit – and do it in that order. In his seminars Nick explains how he has applied the mountain code of conduct to his life and business practice to become a successful entrepreneur. He shares unique tips and insights that will help you to come closer to your desired destination, and enjoy the journey along the way.

From Basecamp up to the summit of Everest, Nick tells the story of a 36 hour ascent with snow blindness and failing oxygen systems in the death-zone, that he is happy to be able to share with people as a lesson and an inspiration.

"A set of extreme and diverse scenarios make mountaineering an incredible learning ground for team dynamics and leadership. The lessons I’ve picked up climbing mountains like Everest are invaluable."

-  Nick Hollis  -


The Seven Summits is only part of Nick’s ambition. He’s a fully qualified mountain leader and runs expeditions all over the globe through his own adventure company Fitways. He’s determined to have a positive impact on other people’s lives.


Nick is a level 3 personal trainer, has a diploma in sports nutrition and has completed several world challenges including 3 Ironman Triathlons. He has an in-depth knowledge of what the body and mind require to function best in a competitive environment.


Nick hasn’t only worked with teams in the mountains through his own company; he also has 15 years experience in the corporate world working in management. He understands how minds in business work, and how to reach through to employees.

“Nick inspires everyone he meets to be the best they can be. He commands a room while making everyone in it feel good. He pushes people beyond their limits while knowing they will come back for more. He is exciting but not reckless, passionate but not extreme. He is an adventurer, a businessman, a mountaineer, an athlete and a thinker.”

Kate Kelland, Award winning Journalist – Reuters

We also run team building

Quality, specialised team building exercises can have an immediate impact on the way your team interact in the office environment. Nick runs tailored trips and expeditions through his company Fitways Adventures, which has earned a golden reputation because of its highly experienced team and now runs some of the best events in the country.

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“A huge thank you goes out to you for the HP 3 Peaks Challenge. We had the most memorable time, with such a fantastic group of people, guides and drivers. Memories like that will last for a long time, as hopefully will some of the friendships that were made along the way.”

Janna Hagan
Hewlett Packard

Life is about giving

Through his experience as an expedition leader and global mountaineer, Nick has witnessed first-hand our environmental impact on the natural world. This has inspired him to place environmental responsibility and sustainability at the heart of what he does, including campaigning and fundraising for the World Land Trust.

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